Video Surveillance Systems

We use IP Video systems to provide unique flexibility and functionality to your business security system. We calculate the amount of bandwidth and storage necessary for your security video and recommend video storage devices that are best for your needs.

From camera-based to server-based storage, we can provide professional installation and system training throughout the Maryland and Washington, DC regions. Learn more about video surveillance by contacting one of our IP video experts today.

Our video surveillance systems offer the following features:

IP Video Systems

Cloud based storage systems

Bandwidth and Video Storage Calculations

Pixel-on-Target based Design and Calculations

Edge/Camera-based and Server-based Analytics

Talk to us today and learn how we can enhance security and convenience for your business with a professional high-quality video surveillance system.


Secure Systems represents a wide variety of security products to serve our clients. Listed below is a representative sample of some of our manufacturing partners. All of our System Engineers and Technicians are trained and certified in the design, installation, maintenance and operation of these systems.

What We Do

Intrusion Detection

Perimeter Alarm Systems, Fire Alarm, Intrusion Alarm Systems, Monitoring, and Police Dispatch.  We are your one stop for any and all security related services. 

Access Control Systems

Our premise security services often include access control systems, with complete enterprise database control. Our systems can operate seamlessly with the newest and most feature-rich entry devices such as multi-format card readers, biometric readers, keypad/reader combination units, facial recognition systems, etc.

Video Surveillance

We can design and install video surveillance systems that provide you an overview with forensic tools in case of an incident, and features which will help prevent incidents from occurring in the first place. As an integrator, we can sell and install any video equipment on the market.