Remote Monitoring Services

Our Remote Guarding service is a combination of people, processes, and technology that all work together to protect places where people shouldn’t be. Remote Guarding turns passive security cameras into active and intelligent “Digital Guards”, capable of alerting human security guards of any intrusions or trespassers. Highly trained security agents located remotely in our centralized command center, can use the cameras and audio speakers located on site, to check for intruders on the property and tell them to leave immediately.

Thanks to this great combination, Remote Guarding can actually eliminate false alarms and criminal activity over time, while simultaneously improving relationships with local law enforcement. Daily security reports and video footage are provided, serving as excellent tools to investigate incidents, avoid lawsuits, and clear up dilemmas.

By providing command, control and management of live events, Secure Systems is able to eliminate false alarms and prevent crime before it happens.

Crime prevention helps our clients build strong relationships with local law enforcement. Police officers respond quickly to Secure Systems agents and appreciate a reduction in false alarms. Remote Guarding also provides officers additional protection when they are out in the field, helping save lives.

Significant financial benefits without requiring any significant capital investment:

Reduction in security guard costs
Vandalism, Loss & theft prevention
Elimination of false alarm expenses
Insurance savings

Delivery Acceptance via security surveillance systems monitored by remote agents
After-hour escorts of staff to their vehicles
Facility opening and closing
Integration of business security systems, including Access Control, Video, and alarm systems.

What We Do

Video Surveillance

We can design and install video surveillance systems that provide you an overview with forensic tools in case of an incident, and features which will help prevent incidents from occurring in the first place. As an integrator, we can sell and install any video equipment on the market.

Access Control Systems

Our premise security services often include access control systems, with complete enterprise database control. Our systems can operate seamlessly with the newest and most feature-rich entry devices such as multi-format card readers, biometric readers, keypad/reader combination units, facial recognition systems, etc.

Remote Monitoring Services

Perimeter Alarm Systems, Fire Alarm, Intrusion Alarm Systems, Monitoring, and Police Dispatch.  We are your one stop for any and all security related services.